Kay Taylor Parker

The greatest act of responsibility is to heal your personal wounds.

I can help you track down the origins of these inner disruptive energies and assist you to find greater compassion for self, peace, and harmony in all aspects of your life. End the war inside of YOU!

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Staying in our hearts.

I often sit with amazement and wonder at who or what is beating my heart..don't you? And I've often offered this - it is our soul that animates us. So our souls speaks through our hearts. But how do we stay in our hearts? Obviously the quick answer is to stay out of our heads, or some might say, out of our left brain. And, how do we do that, given that we are more and more drawn into our technological lives, our cell phones, our TVs and all the other devices we use day in, day out? As with … [Read More...]

Honesty, Integrity, Diplomacy!

How to stay in truth! How about those days when you just don't feel good, emotionally or physically and yet you feel that you have to put on your happy face. You run into someone and they ask how you are and, out of habit, you say "Fine, how are you?" Then you say to yourself, "Well that was one big fat lie. I don't feel fine at all but they don't want to hear that, I can't say that ! Of course there are the complainers who have no trouble at all letting it all hang out, much to your chagrin. … [Read More...]

Divine timing!

Divine Timing - I have recently reconnected with a wonderful childhood friend –thank you Internet. The joy of meeting up again is indescribable and of being able to see and speak to each other even though we are a continent away – thank you Skype. The gratitude I feel knowing that we have so much to share and that, despite all the years in between and a million and one experiences under the bridge, we still “get” each other, and that the spark that fueled our friendship back then, that … [Read More...]

The Five Star Qualities of Our HUman Experience

  Our HU-man experience can be condensed into these Five Star Qualities. ( HU - is an ancient Sanscrit name of God) BEING : Defines our identity and expresses as Peace LOVE: Defines our relationships and expresses as Desire TRUTH: Defines our reality and expresses as Intelligence POWER: Defines what we manifest and expresses as Will GRACE: Defines intervention of Spirit and expresses as Receptivity   Suggested Affirmations: Being: I embrace my true Star identity as … [Read More...]

Who is Really Running your life?

  Who is running your show? Many of us have heard the amazing story of Sybil, perhaps the most publicized case of severe Multiple Personality Disorder ever recorded.  Due to the horrendous abuse and trauma she experienced as a child, Sybil split into over a dozen personalities to exist. What becomes clear from such examples is the soul’s amazing ability to create coping mechanisms to survive. For most, if not all of us, there are also incidents in our childhood and adolescent which, … [Read More...]