Kay Taylor Parker

The greatest act of responsibility is to heal your personal wounds.

I can help you track down the origins of these inner disruptive energies and assist you to find greater compassion for self, peace, and harmony in all aspects of your life. End the war inside of YOU!

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A Call to Arms – Open Arms!

Instead it became my newsletter banner for a while and it feels right to use it again today. In times of stress and turmoil, when the world seems mad, the inclination for many is to point fingers and blame, name-call and rise up violently in retaliation, and for many, feelings of futility and uselessness may come up, causing us to shut down inside.  In this way, we end up suffering in the worst way. All of these emotions are natural and not to be ignored. My suggestion is to find a way to … [Read More...]

Passion – Compassion – Creating the Shift

It is said that for humanity to make a quantum leap in its evolution, we must collectively move into the vibration of compassion. But what is COMPASSION? From my way of thinking, it can be described in many ways, yet it is essentially wisdom. It says unequivocably, "I understand." It also says, "I feel your pain and I'm sorry for your  pain."  It is unfaltering in its intention and commitment to truth, a deep, often ages-old truth, as to why separation has occurred causing judgment, pain, … [Read More...]

Mother Figure

Mother Figure! When I decided to accept a role in the movie “Taboo” in 1980, a controversial part at that, I unwittingly become a mother figure to many men across the World. Long before the Internet became a part of our daily lives, my decision pigeonholed me as an object of desire for these gentlemen of all ages, and from all walks of life who still crave their mother’s love– that pure, primal warmth that has no equal (don’t we all, deep down, crave that) – even as some of them judged and … [Read More...]

Seven Steps to Emotional Freedom.

I created this list many years ago - Since then, I've had the chance to really check it out.  My personal life experiences has taken me back to the list time and time again.  And I can assure you that it is true! It sounds simple and it is - IF you follow the process. I created little phrases to explain the meaning of the words and it behooves us to take a few moments and really check ourselves to FEEL the truth within. In those cases where you don't feel you can "get there," you may need … [Read More...]

“It was a good death.”

  Ginger "It was a good death!" So suggests the American Indian narrator at the end of the movie "Legends of the Fall."  The character Tristan, played by Brad Pitt, had finally met his Maker through an encounter with a bear whose claw he had worn around his neck for years. I was always struck by that line and reminded of it after hearing that Ginger had been killed by a cayote here at Bushwillows a few days ago on July 17th. It wasn't his first encounter with such an unwelcome … [Read More...]