Kay Taylor Parker

The greatest act of responsibility is to heal your personal wounds.

I can help you track down the origins of these inner disruptive energies and assist you to find greater compassion for self, peace, and harmony in all aspects of your life. End the war inside of YOU!

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Old Paradigm – New Paradigm

Old Paradigm versus the New Paradigm Paradigm: model, standard. Several years ago I wrote the following list of comparisons between the old and new paradigm of living. In order for our world to change we need to create a critical mass, of those willing to shift their reality, and truly live in the New Paradigm.  We are now living in the Aquarian Age having transitioned out of the Piscean Age. I still encounter individuals who find it hard to shift their thinking, thus they remain victims and … [Read More...]

Make time to heal!

    Make Time to Heal! So often I come across individuals who still use excuses not to take the time to heal. When I say "heal," I mean finding those balancing points inside where you maintain unity and harmony. Unless you retire to a mountain top in seclusion, it is almost impossible to do the inner work alone. We all need hand-holding! We need objective ears and eyes to mirror or reflect back to us what we need to address inside to find our balancing points. All … [Read More...]

Our personal Drum Beat

    The Beat of Our Own Drum. “Truthfully, my client lamented,  I’m afraid that what happened before will happen again,” “What’s behind that fear?” I prodded gently, for I could feel the hidden emotion. “Go behind the curtain you are calling fear and see what’s there.” “I’m really angry.” He took a moment to connect to the emotion. “With whom are you angry?” I sensed the answer, since I knew his story. My friend still harbored many feelings towards a person who, by the way, was no longer … [Read More...]

Staying in our hearts.

I often sit with amazement and wonder at who or what is beating my heart..don't you? And I've often offered this - it is our soul that animates us. So our souls speaks through our hearts. But how do we stay in our hearts? Obviously the quick answer is to stay out of our heads, or some might say, out of our left brain. And, how do we do that, given that we are more and more drawn into our technological lives, our cell phones, our TVs and all the other devices we use day in, day out? As with … [Read More...]