Kay Taylor Parker

The greatest act of responsibility is to heal your personal wounds.

I can help you track down the origins of these inner disruptive energies and assist you to find greater compassion for self, peace, and harmony in all aspects of your life. End the war inside of YOU!

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Every thought we’ve ever had is stored inside us…

Every single thought we have ever had is recorded inside... We draw constantly on the good thoughts - those memories that bring a smile to our face and lift our spirits. They remind us of what is possible as they flood our system with feel-good endorphins.  Conversely, the so-called bad thoughts have been filed away selectively, perhaps never to be dealt with again. These thoughts, born out of deeply painful experiences, are more cleverly hidden or buried, holding the specific parts of our … [Read More...]

What if…..

  What if.... I visualize those words  flying out into the Earth's atmosphere like whisps of energy - circling the Earth and depositing the love wherever it's needed the most. I do this because it feels good.  I do this because I KNOW the power of thought, the power of loving, of intention, and of true commitment.  There are times when I wish I could do more - to which my inner voice would say - "that's enough, that's the best thing you can do." We may never know how we have … [Read More...]

There is no peace without compassion!

Greetings! In Barbara's Walters' interview the other night with Bernie Sanders on the "10 Most Interesting People" show, she asked him what he'd like to be remembered for. He thought for a long moment and said, "Compassion." What a great answer! I am by no means making a political statement yet his response to me indicated a very wise man! I've spoken about COMPASSION many times, but let me reiterate at this time when we need more of it than ever. Peace cannot be attained in any … [Read More...]

A Call to Arms – Open Arms!

Instead it became my newsletter banner for a while and it feels right to use it again today. In times of stress and turmoil, when the world seems mad, the inclination for many is to point fingers and blame, name-call and rise up violently in retaliation, and for many, feelings of futility and uselessness may come up, causing us to shut down inside.  In this way, we end up suffering in the worst way. All of these emotions are natural and not to be ignored. My suggestion is to find a way to … [Read More...]

Passion – Compassion – Creating the Shift

It is said that for humanity to make a quantum leap in its evolution, we must collectively move into the vibration of compassion. But what is COMPASSION? From my way of thinking, it can be described in many ways, yet it is essentially wisdom. It says unequivocably, "I understand." It also says, "I feel your pain and I'm sorry for your  pain."  It is unfaltering in its intention and commitment to truth, a deep, often ages-old truth, as to why separation has occurred causing judgment, pain, … [Read More...]