Kay Taylor Parker

Spinning The Mystical Wheel of Truth and Revelation

Your mystical journey unfolds as you focus within to identify your soul's mission and purpose.


The ability-to-respond to a given situation with spiritual intelligence.

This means putting our limited egos aside and doing what is right for the highest good.

It also means practicing non-violence, non-aggression, non-retribution and non-exclusion.

Are you up to the task? Do you recognize yourself as one who came to make a difference – to hold Light consciousness? But do you find yourself getting caught up in the disharmony and separation happening in our World? And how do you discern between what are truly your scars and shame (unworthiness) and what you have been carrying for others – (sometimes generations)?

If you are willing to look deeply within to heal and balance, many others are immediately impacted. You might be surprised at how many people you can impact by your willingness to be truly spiritually responsible.

Soul mentoring and past life overview services are available, either in-person or through Skype.

Finally, My Revised Autobiography Is Available!

I feel that my book is more relevant today than a decade ago given the global climate now and the need for quantum growth in mass consciousness.I like to believe that there is something in the book for everyone - issues we can all relate to mixed in with my personal journey through some of my more relevant past lifetimes and my rather controversial career in X-rated films during the 1980's.



We are Firmly in The Age of Aquarius!

Sex Scandal – A New Paradigm Perspective

Spring Meditation 2017

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Affirmations for the times.

Beloved Fellow *HU-mans, In these chaotic times it becomes very challenging for many of us to remain balanced and buoyant. Those loyal forces of the opposition, as I like to call them, the ancient reptilian frequencies that have have dominated this Planet for way too long, are very busy, causing the chaos and pulling us down - if we allow it! More than ever, we must stand in our Light, honoring our collective Soul Mission to be here - now - to participate in planetary ascension. Regardless … [Read More...]

The Language of unconditionality – an update

Remember - remember?? Remember, back in the day, we would remind each other "not to should" on ourselves? We were beginning to learn the power of our language and the Law of Attraction (Esther Hick's/Abraham's gift to the World) brought us to the realization that what we thought or spoke we created. "The Law" assured us that our personal universe simply amplified our thoughts and wishes in a very obedient kind of way - as one contributor on "The Secret" (the very successful CD series from a … [Read More...]

Angels are all around!

From my travels - August 2012 A reminder of the mystical energies around us - I had just asked my Higher Self a question when I heard the slightest sound outside the window. One of the wind-chimes hanging over the patio was responding.  Was that a yes or a no, I wondered? It certainly felt like an affirmative. If it had been a “no,” might it have been a thunderclap?  It was after all, raining! Raining in San Diego? As I had unpacked my car a couple of weeks prior, I commented to my beloved … [Read More...]

The Deepest Roots of Separation

The Deepest roots of separation:   Ah, the Yin Yang of it all! Deep in our DNA exists programming – eons old ideologies about the roles of men and women. And, like it or not, and despite whatever self-empowerment protocols you have embraced or spiritual paths you may be embarked upon, that programming remains rooted within you, hanging out in those elusive crevices of your consciousness. These patterns are expressed in our relationships, in knee-jerk reactions, subtle sarcasm and other … [Read More...]

The Quantum Shift.

One of my earlier teachers would say, "You are a sovereign being." He would repeat it over and over, so much so that those within our family of friends would sense it coming and, in the way an adolescent resists a parent's bidding,  they/we would mimic him as the words left his mouth.  Why does he have to say that all the time we'd wonder, and then he would answer, as if reading our minds, "You are sovereign. I say it because you need to know it!" Apparently, we didn't know it. The context … [Read More...]