About Kay

“Compelled by my awareness of the degree to which humanity has separated from the Creator—from its core essence, which is unconditional love—I have always been moved to represent a true loving way of existence, in whatever way I can.”


Kay describes herself as an Idealistic Peacemaker, and feels she has embodied that archetypal personification all her life. As a child growing up in post-World War II England, Kay was born the middle of three children. Her Father, a strict military man, voraciously adhered to the “children should be seen and not heard” tradition.

Consequently, she experienced frequent asthma attacks, which she attributed to the deep frustration and grief that she suffered throughout her formative years.  Kay also believes that, to a large degree, asthma is a common affliction among Star Beings, symptomatic of the soul grieving its true home, where peace, love and truth prevails.

A feeling of being “A stranger in a strange land” is one that she feels is also typical of Star Beings—those “old souls” whose origins are essentially extra-terrestrial. There are other signs, which in her over 30 years of metaphysical counseling and mentoring, she recognizes over and over again in those seeking assistance and guidance from her.

 “I was always aware that Earth was only my temporary home, and that I came from the stars somehow, from somewhere quite different from the strife-ridden, despairing dark place that I experienced as a child.”

Kay left England in her teens and headed to Germany where she worked as an Au Pair for a short time, thereby fulfilling a desire to speak another language. In 1965, a very fortuitous set of circumstances brought her to the US, landing her in New Mexico for a year. From there she traveled to Boulder, Colorado, and in 1968, she moved to San Francisco.

Kay’s love for the opera and the theater eventually persuaded her to study acting. After a year with a small improvisational acting troupe, she resigned herself to the fact that Los Angeles was the place to be to pursue an acting career. She packed her bags, headed south from Marin County in Northern California, worked as a waitress, like many struggling actors, and went about the job of finding acting jobs.

“And that’s a whole other lifetime. It was actually my high self’s way of getting me here, where I was supposed to be, to meet my spiritual family and to get about my soul’s mission, to assist in the lifting of human consciousness in preparation for Earth Fourth Dimensional Ascension.” 

High Priestess Tarot Card

Within days of her arrival in Los Angeles, Kay met her first teacher with whom she spent hundreds of hours peeling off layers of negative and limited consciousness, and who taught her the basics of Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing). The science of Kinesiology became pivotal for her, not only in her continued process of self-discovery, but also in her future sessions with her clients, providing the means of accessing a person’s Innate (higher) intelligence for clear guidance and wisdom.

Almost immediately after meeting her first mentor, Kay met a spiritual teacher with whom she studied for seven years. Her life then became focused upon deep meditation, revelation, dharma (service) and ministerial study. A year later, destiny delivered yet another mentor, someone who became a close friend for many years and with whom she was to fulfill a significant piece of karma from many lifetimes. Although her dear friend passed this plane quite recently, their work, which focuses on “The Path of God-ing through Fourth Dimensional Ascension, continues on.

Kay hung out her Counselor shingle in 1985 and began sharing the many protocols of self-healing, self-awareness and spiritual wisdom she had applied on herself through private sessions, workshops and seminars. Frequently, she also channeled messages from higher dimensional guides, both in groups and as part of her counseling service. Through the World Wide Web she has impacted many thousands of individuals worldwide.


Subjects Kay has both lectured and taught workshops on:

Demystifying the Love, Sex, Money Triangle
The Shift from the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm 
Discovering and Living your Star-Being Essence
Balancing Family Tree Energies
Dissolving the Negative Genetic Imprints
Future Sex
The true Cosmic Man- Is that you?
The Truth about Your Relationships. 
Clearing the Way for the Goddess
The Art of Being a Healer
Accessing and Expressing Inner Radiance