Finding Your Way Back Home Into Your Heart

Your mystical journey unfolds as you focus within to identify your soul's mission and purpose.

Affirmations For Here and Now…

As I perceive what is happening in the World, I acknowledge the emotions I am feeling. I allow myself to honor these emotions, the pain, the anger and rage, the futility, sadness and grief – indeed, the disbelief. But I choose to process these emotions in a safe and responsible manner.

I choose to set aside blame and finger-pointing and other judgment realizing that it doesn’t serve, rather it adds to the disruption and chaos. More significantly I realize that it lowers my frequency, my strength and my fortitude.

I look within to see how I may apply my gifts and talents – my creativity – in service to humanity.

If I don’t know how I may accomplish that, I simply ask God/Goddess, All-That-Is to “Show me the way.”

I remain open to more clearly understanding and resonating with my Soul’s mission. Again I look within for the clues and allow the higher truth to reveal itself to me.

I use my creative imagination to visualize the changes I’d like to see in the world – for the highest good of all concerned.

I know that my love and compassion projected into the world may be amplified in amazing ways and that my singular thoughts of forgiveness and compassion impacts great numbers of people.

I am drawn to others of like consciousness – my tribe – and together we create miracles. We are guided by our heartfelt commitment to always taking the high road – the way of unconditional love.

I let my Light shine now – brighter than ever before and ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL!”

My Revised Autobiography Is Available!

I feel that my book is more relevant today than a decade ago given the global climate now and the need for quantum growth in mass consciousness.I like to believe that there is something in the book for everyone - issues we can all relate to mixed in with my personal journey through some of my more relevant past lifetimes and my rather controversial career in X-rated films during the 1980's.



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